Good health and nutrition are the cornerstones of a vibrant and productive life.

Bangladesh faces significant challenges in providing adequate nutrition and good health conditions for its impoverished population. Malnutrition and limited access to healthcare services remain prevalent issues, particularly in rural areas. These challenges are exacerbated by factors such as poverty, inadequate infrastructure, and a lack of awareness about proper nutrition and healthcare practices.

SMKK is dedicated to improving community health in various ways. They provide services such as mother and child health care, emergency ambulance services, mobile and satellite clinics for remote areas, family planning, reproductive health education for adolescent girls, dental and eye camps, and free Friday clinics. Their comprehensive approach encompasses the well-being of individuals across various age groups and healthcare needs, promoting health and awareness in the community.


Overall supported to 112,050

Individuals who required health and nutrition related assistance

Provided Free Medical Services to 10,700

Individuals who required medical assistance but lacked the financial means to access it

Responded during COVID-19 to 4,650

Individuals whom we helped by awareness, distributing masks & Hygiene kits.



Free Friday Clinic

Gives free medical services to ultra-poor people.


Health Camps

Gives any kind of Medical & Health Advice and Supplies free medicines.


Responded During COVID-19

Gave Hygiene Kits to orphan children during COVID-19