Clean water, sanitation, and hygiene are not just basic needs; they are the building blocks of a healthier, more promising future for the people of Bangladesh

Ultra-poor families, especially in the coastal regions of Bangladesh, face a critical lack of access to clean drinking water and suffer from limited awareness of proper WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) practices. This ongoing challenge hampers their well-being and necessitates urgent efforts to provide clean water sources and education on essential hygiene practices for a better quality of life.

SMKK is dedicated to enhancing access to sustainable water and sanitation services in Bangladesh. They achieve this through various means, including installing tube-wells, pipelines, and solar-operated water wells. They also promote rainwater collection and pond sand filtration, construct WASH blocks and sanitary latrines, raise awareness about proper hygiene practices, and carry out repair and maintenance work. Moreover, their focus on climate-resilient water options ensures the long-term effectiveness of these efforts.


Benefited 224,475

Individuals from SMKK by WASH related services.

Total of 2,932

Tube-wells were provided to ensure sustainable access to safe drinking water.

Total of 6600

Individuals are using Hygienic WASH Blocks given by SMKK

Total Number of 2,520

Sanitary Latrines were given among the people who needed the most.

Total of 44895

Individuals were given awareness about hygiene practice.



Tube-Well Installations

SMKK installs tube-wells for ultra-poor families throughout Bangladesh, providing them with access to safe drinking water.


Solar Water Panel & Power Centre

SMKK installs Solar Water Panel and Power Centre for needy families in Bangladesh.


Awareness Sessions

SMKK gives awareness sessions on WASH.


Hygienic Latrine Installations

SMKK installs hygienic latrine in rural areas mostly in the coastal regions and for displaced people.