SHEBA MANAB KALLYAN KENDRA-SMKK is a non-profit, non-political Humanitarian and Development organization working since January 1996. It is registered with NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh. It is committed to serving the needy people and working towards various humanitarian and development programmes such as Emergency Response, Recovery, Rehabilitation, DRR, Resilience, Climate Change Adaptation, Education, Health & Nutrition, Women Empowerment, WASH, Skill Development Training, Vocational Training, Disability Development, Agricultural & Sustainable Livelihood, Food Security,  Partnership and Resource Mobilization,  Volunteer Development, CSR and Event Management. These programmes are implemented in various region of Bangladesh supported by various donors and development partners.

Since inception, SMKK has gained tremendous achievement through mobilization and implementation of multi sectoral projects and programmes supported by multifarious donors such as USAID, WFP, UNDP, FAO, European Union, IDB, DAE, BWDB, CDD,  DANIDA, DFID, EIP-The Netherlands, Penny Appeal, Love Army-USA, United Purpose, HOPE’87-Austria, Muslim Aid-UK, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Penny Appeal, CARE, Muslim Charity-USA, DAI, World Fish Center, WINROCK International-USA, SWISS CONTACT, SONNE International-Austria, Stromme Foundation, Bangladesh India Friendship Power Company (Pvt.) Limited, Bangladesh NGO Foundation(BNF), Save the Children, Charitable Association of Cambodian Islamic Graduate (CACIG), Ministry of Primary & Mass Education, Ministry of Labour & Employment and Bangladesh Bank.

It has gained a significant institutional competency to implement larger initiatives for achieving development objectives. SMKK has a team of 289 staff and volunteers who are well qualified and experienced to project implementation of livelihood, vulnerable group development & empowerment for wider adoption by its target beneficiaries, thus enabling them to attain improvement of livelihood standard.  The organization has so far been involving over 485,775house hold (HH) through development initiatives presently being implemented.

SMKK has experience in implementing Emergency response and recovery, Health, WASH, Education, Protection and income generation activities through off-farm and agro based technology transfer, including Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Livestock, home based IGA operated by women. SMKK has been working for women empowerment through involving them in different income earning activities and linked with micro finance for startup capital. It has also long working experience in building institutional capacity development of the rural community people to address social issues through collective efforts. Participatory approaches are being followed to identify issues and action-oriented program implemented to address these issues that hindered the process of their development. SMKK strongly believes in target population concept for its basic development efforts in which the focus is the destitute and disadvantaged poor with emphasis on children and women.

The organization follows regular monitoring, feedback, sharing experiences and immediate action for the successful implementation of the projects/programmes. It is dedicated to foster qualitative and quantitative improvement in the living standard of the target beneficiaries. SMKK has a policy to work in that area where the people are comparatively more vulnerable. Its programmes specially targeted to ensure its support to establish rights of the women, adolescent girls and children to remove social injustice and bring a society free from discrimination.

  • Quick Decision Making Process
  • Human Resource Department
  • Internal Audit Department
  • Accounts and Finance Department
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Team
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Access to information by all stakeholders
  • Inconformity with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
  • Close and regular monitoring
  • Internal and external audits
  • Incompliance with the law of the financial management
  • Participation in decision making and promotion of participatory approaches at all levels
  • Self-evaluation and constructive criticism
  • Mutual respect, unity, discipline and cooperation
  • Honesty, transparency and accountability at all level
  • Dedication and sincerity

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